Trust our certified technicians to elevate your space with fresh, clean carpets that look and feel like new.

How often do you have your carpets professionally cleaned?

New and fresh looking carpets will enhance the appearance of any room in a home or business; however it doesn’t take long, if not cleaned regularly by professional carpet cleaners, before they will begin to look dull and worn.

Specialising in carpet cleaning, Premium Fabric Protection is committed to ensuring a professional service for your home or business. Using only Certified Technicians our system is safe, efficient and in accordance with Australian Standards for Carpet Cleaning. Click here to read more about our advanced fabric protection product, Fiber ProTector®

WoolSafe Accredited 

CleanSeal Approved 

Premium Fabric Protection prides itself on using safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions, which are safe for all family members, including pets. The combination of the cleaning solutions and dry cleaning or hot water extraction processes results in a successful combination to ensure:
  • Carpets are cleaned safely
  • Carpets are drier, cleaner and healthier
  • No risk of colours running
  • No risk of shrinkage
  • Carpets are deep cleaned
  • Fibers come to life

They make great company but our furry and feathered friends also make a great deal of mess, a lot of which even the most dedicated of pet owners are unable (or unwilling!) to clean up.

Services we offer to pet lovers

Odour Control

When it comes to wee, pets will always return to the scene of the crime. Why? The territorial nature of pets means that they will continue to return to the same spot, intensifying the issue of the initial stain. There are 3 key issues when you deal with stains:
  • The visual aspect;
  • The bacteria; and
  • The resulting odour.
The visual aspect is superficial and provided you understand how to deal with it, will not cause a problem. It is the bacteria and the resulting odour that are problematic when it comes to pet stains. Urine on carpet will travel through the carpet fibre and right down to the subfloor so just treating the visible stain isn’t enough to treat the problem. Similarly, using a deodorising agent on the stain will only mask the odour. Animals have a heightened sense of smell, and will continue to detect the odor even if humans can only smell the deodorant. The only way to get rid of the stain completely and stop Fido from returning to the scene is to identify and treat the source of the odour.

Stain Removal

Pets, just like children, have a tendency to make stains wherever they are. New puppies or kittens as well as senior pets in the house are the main culprits of toilet problems. The result is frequent accidents on the carpet and flooring throughout the house, leaving nasty stains and a distinct odour. And if the stain wasn’t bad enough, pets are repeat offenders; if the bacteria of the stain is not properly removed they will continue to smell the bacteria and return to the scene of the crime. A thorough understanding of pet urine and the mechanics of stain removal will enable you to get rid of the stain and the smell – think how happy Mrs Smith will be when Pooch stops piddling in her spare room!

Re-Tufting Carpets

Re-tufting carpets can be carried out to restore burn marks, stubborn stains, moth damage and much more.

Our technician will be able to identify the severity of the burn or mark and will respond accordingly to repair the damage.
This could be cleaning or repair by re-tufting or reweaving the carpets.

Re-tufting works effectively on burns/damage up to approximately 50mm (2 inches). This involves removing the damaged tufts, preparing the area to receive new tufts from your spare carpet or we can even utilise tufts from the edge of the carpet where it is tucked behind the grippers. This means that the new tufts are the same batch, colour and age as the original damaged tufts.

We then install the new tufts either by re-tufting or re-weaving as appropriate.

For smaller areas re-tufting can often make the mark disappear, for larger areas we can make it much less obvious that there was ever a problem.

Colour Repair

Certain incidents or advanced stain removal can lead to colour loss in carpet fibres. In this instance our technician can perform a colour repair when the bleached fibres can be colour matched to the original carpet and re-coloured to improve this area so that it is no longer evident.